Monday, November 22, 2010

A Year With God

I have read through another free book from BookSneeze (see link at the bottom of my page) called A Year With God by R.P. Nettlehorst. Now officially I did not read the entire book because it has a reading for 365 days & it has not been a year since I received the book. I do however think I have read enough to get a good grasp of what this text is all about.

The book works through Biblical text that is entirely from the Old Testament. It takes passages in which God is directly speaking to someone & then Nettlehorst follows it up with insight & application for us to be able to understand how it can work in our lives.

I really loved this book. I was quite excited to receive something that solely focuses on the OT. I think too often we forget about the OT & thus forget that God was the same back then as He & Jesus were in the New Testament. Topics of Hope & Fear, Love & Hate, Quitting & Perseverance and Faith & Doubt are just a few sections that Nettlehorst follows in depth. I even like how they are divided up by the sections just mentioned, but they go in order that they would appear in the Old Testament.

Nettlehorst does a great job of not assuming that we as readers know everything. There are many passages that I have never read that brought a great amount of revelation of who God was to my life. There were also passages that I had read numerous times but Nettlehorst still was able to bring a fresh perspective to it.

I recommend this book for anyone looking to discover how God revealed himself to his people long ago or to someone who may be looking to add a reading to their daily devotions. This book is fresh & shouldn't disappoint.

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