Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Newsletter

It is quite surprising that 2010 is already in its final act. A lot has happened in the last twelve months. Mission trips to 3 different countries & ten states has allowed me to travel & experience God’s world more than I had in my entire life up to this point. On top of that there have been hundreds of students I have been able to meet, encourage, teach & challenge as they face the same big world we do. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, I got lucky enough to have the beautiful Andrea Kroll to agree to marry me!

Our God has been good to me these past twelve months & it is during the times that I write to you that He reminds me of his faithfulness. A verse that the Lord has brought to me as of late comes from Psalm 37. In verse 7 it says, Be still in the presence of the Lord, & wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” There have been several times of question as I’ve worked many hours & wondered how God would answer the needs of my heart. Patience is hard thing for me, especially when waiting on the Lord to act. But I’ve learned it doesn’t stop there. He requires me to react. The Lord’s “acting” should prompt a response in our lives. This is my challenge for you during this Holiday Season; to not only wait for the Lord to act, but to have the courage to respond to him. He is looking for us to trust and obey him in our relationship with him.

I pray this Christmas is unlike any other in your life. I’m praying that all of you are moved to action, to respond to what our Savior has done for us and to say that your life will leave a legacy for Him from here on out.

50 Giving 40

I am thankful for you in your desire to pray, encourage & partner with me financially. Your support is one the major contributors to my success at LeaderTreks.

This time of the year is often when a lot of us look at going above & beyond what we give regularly throughout the year. I want to ask that you consider me & my ministry at LeaderTreks in that decision. Your financial support goes straight into our program of developing leaders to fulfill the Great Commission & to the needs of the missionaries & the people they love & serve.

I am still working towards my goal of having 50 households committing to giving $40 a month. We are now at 14, two more since the last newsletter in October! Some of you may still have that tea packet laying around. I ask you to make a cup & spend some time in prayer asking God how you can partner with me.

With LeaderTreks being a recognized 501.c3 (non-profit) almost anything can be given & be valid for an income tax deduction. Stocks, vehicles & unused airline miles are a few examples. Please contact me with any questions you may have about partnering with me or donating with a year end gift.

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