Friday, November 19, 2010


This morning at LeaderTreks I led one of our training sessions. This one was on challenge. Challenge is one of the things we really believe in at LeaderTreks and it is something that makes us unique in comparison to other organizations running trips with youth. As we walked through all the things about challenge (mix grace with challenge, challenge from the top, etc) there is one that I added to our list; challenge students with your lives. We can go through numerous principles, concepts and ideas but students (and people in general) are challenged through the lives that are lived in people they meet.

That is one of the big reasons why I am at LeaderTreks and why I love being able to interact with students. I never had it right, and I still do not today. I was lost at points during my life and there were times I wanted nothing to do with authority or accountability in my life. Students need to hear about those stories, those times when God redeemed me and reminded me that he loves me because I am his creation, not because of what I am or am not doing. We need to be excited about the challenge in our lives not only because it changed us, but because we get to share that journey with those around us and inspire them that God wants to do the same in their lives.

Question: What is one thing that is challenging in your life right now?

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