Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A book on my shelf that I have not read in awhile caught my eye earlier this week. Its title is Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson. In the opening pages he talks about his dog & the prized bones he often finds in the woods. As the dog sits down to enjoy his treasure it growls in delight. In between all the gnawing, licking and eating the dog would occasionally let out a growl, which in cat language would equate to a purr.

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I was reminded that the word 'growl' more accurately defined what the writers were trying to say when the word 'meditate' was used in the Psalms (see Psalm 1 & 63).  The idea of growling over the Word of God was something I had not really thought about. To enjoy, savor, and be satisfied by it as if I had enjoyed a full steak dinner. 

With my lack of ability in being able to connect my need to savor the Word my mind did go to things that I do growl over. Approval, free time and leadership to name a few. How much have I had it backwards. As I crave those more and more, my attention drifts farther away from the source that provides all those.

I need to have a huge helping of the Word, no it doesn't need to be eaten with a side of legalism, but I should be filled by it.

Question: What things do we as Christians tend to spend too much time growling over?

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