Thursday, November 11, 2010

Core Values

Today I had the opportunity to sit in on one of the sessions of our youth pastor trainings, Leadership Design. Six youth workers went through the activity to discover what their core values were. Now I had done this before (twice actually) and was more so doing it because everyone else was. But as we walked through it there was a list of questions that we answered as we sorted through the 80+ values sitting in front of us.

Questions about people who have influenced my life, what values are violated when I am frustrated and times when I feel the most fulfilled were all extremely helpful in getting me to go deeper on who I was. By the time we were done four of my five core values were different. Quite a surprise to me as you could imagine.

When I took this assessment a year ago my five values ended up being; community, authenticity, reputation/character, influencing others and knowledge/learning.

This afternoon they transformed into; legacy, fun, adventure, creativity & knowledge/learning. John 10:10 was also a verse that came to my mind during this time that solidified these core values. Jesus came to give me not just life, but life to the fullest. It is in these five areas where I have experienced some of the greatest experiences in my life. I am grateful to see these values being lived out in my life. I am also excited to see what they may do in my future.

Question: What are the things you enjoyed & valued most when you think over the important experiences/events in your life?

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